The latest iPad Air from Apple is certainly thin in size and light in weight than the previous ones. iPad Air has been beautifully designed with iOS 7 as the operating system. The aluminum body design makes the iPad Air look stylish and one can feel the difference while holding this beauty. Although Apple has come up high security for all their iPad versions, there are still some bugs that can be solved only by installing an antivirus. The bugs that are created while surfing the internet can damage any hardware even if it’s an Apple product. These viruses or malware enter into the system and slowly make the iPad act different. Who wants to take a risk while purchasing such an incredible device from Apple? There are various applications available on the internet that can resolve the bug issues. In this article, we are going to see the top 5 antivirus applications that must be installed in order to protect your iPad Air from any type of malware and virus. The applications are available on the official iTunes App store and you can grab the applications over there. Install the antivirus and never ever get worried about your iPad Air getting infected by malware or virus in the near future.

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Top Anti Virus apps for iPad Air

McAfee Global Antivirus

This is the most recommended and the most used antivirus application for iPad Air. This application can be found on the app store and it’s completely free to download and install. It provides the utmost protection to your iPad Air. The user interface of McAfee can make any one to use it after installing the application. The simple user interface can make you easily access all the tools and you can know more about protecting the device after installing it to your iPad Air.

Virus Barrier

This is a paid application that can be downloaded from the official app store. Although this is a paid application, it has the extra features that can make sure your iPad is safe for years. The virus scanner, privacy control, internet protection and virus remover are some of the extra features that can lock any type of virus from entering inside the device.


This application can be downloaded for free from the iTune app store. The major advantage of this antivirus application is that it has the backup tools that can help you backup important files. You can very easily wipe the unwanted things from your device by using this antivirus application.

Antivirus Detective

This application costs nearly a dollar and is available on the iTune app store. It comes with a spy protection that can make the malware stop loading while you surf the internet on your iPad Air.


Avast is the leading antivirus software that can anytime alert you if a virus or malware has been found on your device. Make sure to download this antivirus application and watch yourself go crazy on the user interface and protect your iPad Air forever.

So, these are the top 5 Antiviruses for iPad Air. Have something to add to this story? Use the comments box below.


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