iPad Air is the new revolutionary tablet that has been invented by Apple and is available on the Apple stores now. This new iPad Air weighs about 469 grams which is unbelievably small when compared to the other tablets. The slim and sleek frame makes the iPad Air easy to hold and the retina display can make the gaming on it look real. A7 chip makes all the big games to load smoothly on this tablet. The battery backup has been increased and playing games for hours can drop only a certain point in the battery life of iPad Air. The M7 coprocessor makes any big games to run smoothly on this tablet. We are going to see the top 5 most wanted games for iPad Air. If you have an iPad Air with you, then you should definitely download these games and watch yourself go crazy.

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best ipad air games


Magic is a card game series that are made exclusively for tablets. This is said to be a new home for card gaming. If you love card games, then this is a must download game for your iPad Air. As the user interface is more user friendly, one can concentrate more on their next move instead of thinking about other things on the game. The artwork of this game can make any one get addicted to it. iPad Air displays the best of the artwork game and even the developers of this game recommend everyone to play it on an iPad Air.

XCOM Enemy

Firaxis has proudly bought the best PC game to tablets. This intense game can very much create a tense while playing it on your iPad Air. XCOM Enemy has been rated as the most downloaded game in 2013. This strategy game is nevertheless most wanted as everyone loves to play action games on their iPad Air.


Limbo is developed with the touch controls and this game can run very smoothly on your iPad Air as your tablet has got the best processor to run any type of game. It has a black and white user interface that makes it look prettier and there are various tasks that can make you go crazy. This is a must have game on your iPad Air.


This classic game has been famous for more years. Minecraft has been the best game since the gaming world got developed in the last few years. The pocket version of this game has been developed well by the developer team and you can update the game daily so that you can enjoy the full version on the go.


Bastion has bagged the best and the number one game for tablets in the year of 2012. The kid on this game races for an isometric adventure featuring the cleverest audio work a game in the history of the gaming industry. Watch yourself turn into an adventurous person while playing this game. Grab a copy to your iPad Air and get deep inside the game.



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