A lot of people use iPad Air for their daily work such as blogging, writing articles, texting and more. iPad Air is a great gadget which you can use if you are a regular writer. To get the best writing experience and the most out of your iPad Air for typing purposes you can follow some tips which will help you in typing faster. We are sharing some tips to help you speed up your typing on iPad Air, check them out.

type fast ipad air

How to type faster on iPad Air

  • When you are doing typing on your iPad Air and you have reached the end of your sentence simply double tap on the space bar to add a period. Double tapping leads to automatic addition of the period.
  • While typing, if you press the wrong key by mistake, you can simply drag your finger to the key you wanted to press. The letter won’t be typed on the document unless you release your finger from the keyboard.
  • When you type on your iPad Air, you will get suggestions for the words which can be used in the sentence. If you don’t like suggestions you can simply disable them. To reject a word which is suggested finish the word you were typing and once you have written the word tap on the suggestions which will dismiss the suggestion. Each time you are going to reject the suggestion for the same word, iPad Air will accept the word you use instead of that suggestion. If you want to use the suggested word you can tap space, use punctuation marks or return the character.
  • There is an easy way to enable Caps Lock while typing. Simply double tap the Shift key which will enable Caps lock, but first of all you have to enable caps lock from Settings. You can enable Caps lock in settings by going to Settings > General > Keyboard and then enabling Caps lock from there.
  • If you want to use the apostrophe without getting the keyboard required you can hold ,! Key.
  • If you are using Safari web browser for opening any website, simply type the url and when you have to enter the .com,.net,.edu extension, press and hold the .com button. You will see different extensions which will automatically get added to the address you entered.
  • The keyboard in iPad Air allows you to easily complete the e-mail address. Enter the mail address and then tap on.(dot) key which will complete the mail address for you.
  • You can easily clear the desired text from the search box without deleting everything. To do this simply hold your finger to the text which you want to edit. You will see a magnifier after some seconds from where you can move your finger to the text which you want to edit.

These are the most useful tips which will help you in typing faster on your iPad Air. Have something to add to this story? Use the comments box below.