iPad Air is the newest and the most wanted tablet that has been created by Apple. iPad Air has been made with a thin and sleek design that can weigh less when compared to the older generation of iPads. This new iPad Air has got the most incredible battery that can make it work for more than 10 hours. The ten hours of battery life is all because of the A7 chip that makes the device more powerful in terms of operation. 10 hours of battery life is a great thing when it comes to a tablet. Although 10 hours can sound great, we do need more hours of charge left on the iPad so that we can use it on the go. In order to improve the battery life in iPad Air, one should understand about the battery usage for their iPad Air. iPad Air is designed to work up to 10 hours of surfing web through Wi-Fi connection. Make sure you use your Wi-Fi connection only when needed. This can save your battery from getting drained in a few hours of time. Managing the applications and the things that run on the background in your tablet can consume a lot amount of battery life. Make sure you close all the applications that are running on the background for no reason. If your battery life on iPad Air gets decreased for no reason, follow the below mentioned tips so that you can make it work for long hours.

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tips to improve ipad air battery life

Auto-Lock interval must be turned on in your iPad Air. This feature can turn off when the screen when not in use. If the screen has been turned on for extra few minutes, it can consume some extra charge from your battery. You can set the Auto-Lock interval time from 1 to 5 minutes. You can manually enter the time limit on your iPad Air.

Wi-Fi connection can drain the battery like anything. Use it only when needed and make sure to turn it off when you don’t need to surf websites on your iPad Air. Never set your iPad Air to automatically connect to the available Wi-Fi networks. This can make your tablet get into the Wi-Fi connection without your knowledge and it can start consuming your battery for no reason.

Dim the screen while you use it during the night time. Adjust the brightness according to the places you use it. Bright screen can consume a lot of battery. Select “Auto Brightness” on your iPad Air, so that the tablet itself can change the screen brightness according to the place you are in.

Turn off the Location services on you tablet. This can make the device work on searching for your location all the time. Battery can get low even because of this service.

Make sure you close the unwanted applications that are running behind for no reason. Loading more applications at a time can consume high battery level. Remove the unwanted applications and always close the applications when you don’t need them.

These are some of the tips for saving the battery life on iPad Air. Do you have some tips to share? Use the comments box below.


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