A tough Match Between iPad Air VS Kindle Fire HDX

iPad Air is representing 5th generation of iPad and presently having a great competition with its equivalent competitors. Kindle Fire HDX is one among them with which iPad Air has neck to neck competition. If one wants to have a view regarding better one then following discussion is definitely going to prove beneficial for them which is as follows-

ipad air vs kindle fire hdx

iPad Air and Kindle Fire HDX specs comparison

  • 9.7 inch display screen is launched by iPad Air while display area of Kindle Fire HDX is 8.9 inches which is less than iPad Air.
  • Resolution of iPad Air is 2.48 * 1536p where as Kindle Fire HDX is having resolution of 2560 * 1600p.
  • iPad Air offers premium aluminum body while Kindle Fire HDX comes with plastic body. iPad Air is better than Kindle Fire HDX in looks wise.
  • Chip that is used in iPad Air is 64-bit A7 that is first time included in any iPhone of 5th generation on the other hand chip technology used by Kindle Fire HDX is 32 Bit ARM that is also considered as faster one
  • Clock speed is not specified by iPad Air for this 5th generation tablet instead off it was announced in a press event that it works eight times faster than original one. While Kindle Fire HDX is specifying clock information of its tablet that is 2.2 Ghz along with availability of 2GB RAM.
  • No specific information regarding capacity of non-removable battery is given by both. However, expected working period of iPad Air is approximate 10 hours and of Kindle Fire HDX is 12 Hours.
  • When one considers on speed aspect than iPad Air wins the war with 64 bit computing and is going to prove more beneficial in coming future.
  • Kindle Fire HDX of Amazon is having weight of 13.19 ounces with 9.09 * 6.22 * 0.3 inches dimensions while weight of iPad Air is only one pound that makes it lightest tablet under full size category in the whole world.
  • iPad Air is also thinner in comparison to Kindle fire HDX
  • Now, when it comes to performance then iPad Air is running on Apple chip known as A7 having the architecture of 64 bit as well as M7 coprocessor and Kindle Fire HDX is running on quad-core technology followed by 2.2 GHz Snapdragon eight hundred processor. These two tablets contain powerful hardware system and they are on the top in the market.
  • The rates of these two tablets are different as iPad Air starts with the price tag of $499 for the first time in November, 1 having sixteen GB Wi-Fi version. However, for the cellular version the rate is $629. On the other hand, Kindle Fire HDX starts at $120 which is very much cheaper in comparison to iPad Air and it also supported with Wi-Fi technology.


There is no doubt iPad Air is a far better tablet than Kindle Fire HDX with best of the technology available out there. But Kindle Fire HDX scores above on the price point. It comes with really affordable price and offers good performance too. So, if you want an affordable yet a feature rich tablet, Kindle Fire HDX is a good choice. But if you want the best tablet in the market with all new technology, sleek and lightweight, iPad Air should be your choice.


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