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iPad Air is considered as the brightest and best tablet. Its aluminum shell is 20% thinner if compare to its predecessor. The weight of iPad Air is also roughly reduced to 33% of its weight which is now 1 pound from 1.4 pounds.

Now, if it comes for price tag then iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air has a difference of $100 and iPad Air and iPad Mini Retina are also different from other aspects such as screen size which is diagonal in iPad Air and is approximately 10 inches and the iPad Mini Retina is of 8 inches. These two tablets are good for playing games such as XCOM, Enemy Unknown, Infinity Blade III and Battle Bulge.

ipad air vs ipad mini retina

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iPad Air or iPad Mini Retina

  • The iPad Air is good replacement for your desktop and laptop. As your eyes will be thankful if you are working or typing on the screen for 8 to ten hours. On other side iPad Mini Retina is not so much comfortable as the screen is only of 8 inches which is not beneficial for the eyes also. So, if one is using iPad Air then one is getting rid from a small screen of tablet. However, the pixel density of iPad Mini Retina is technically higher in comparison to iPad Air but due to two inches smaller screen this tablet is not preferred by professionals.
  • When it comes to size then iPad Air is very different in size-wise as it requires new type of accessories which are mainly covered in comparison to iPad Mini Retina.
  • Size also matters when you want it to haul it in purse or a tiny bag. However, the difference of size is very slight i.e. 1.5 by 1.3 inch but it counts when you want to carry it in a bag.
  • iPad Air is considered as the Apple’s sleekest, fastest, lighter and thinner iPad yet. In comparison to processor with iPad Mini Retina, Apple’s iPad Air is carrying very fast processor of A7 as well as M7 co-processor is also there which allows this iPad Air tablet to stand up in the line of iPhone 5s.
  • The screen of iPad Mini Retina is smaller about 23% (screen-wise). However, when it comes to processor part then same processor A7 is provided in iPad Air. So, one can say that if one has not to work for a long hours on tablet then one can prefer this tablet as this tablet is cheaper by $100.
  • Other applications such as recording options, cameras, memory card are approximately same in both of them.

Apart from this one can say that there is always a probability that if person is buying anyone of them whether it will suit according to his job work or not. Now, this depends upon the exact requirement that the person is having. The above comparison shows that both of them stand in the present generation and can be tried. If you want a bigger and more powerful tablet and does not have any price barrier, iPad Air is your best choice. If you want a more portable, easy to carry and affordable tablet, you can go with iPad Mini Retina.

Which one do you like the most and why? Post in the comments below.


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