Sometimes you are not able to get sound on your iPad Air. This is a common problem which people face who are using Apple iPad, iPhone. It is not a big issue if you are also experiencing the same problem but it can be frustrating at times. There are many possible solutions if the sound on your iPad Air is not working. Follow the tips shared below which will help you in getting the sound back on your iPad Air.

ipad air sound problem

How to fix iPad Air sound problem?

  • You might have turned the sound switch to silent by mistake which might lead to no sound coming out of your iPad Air. Flick the sound switch to the other direction which will enable the loud more back on your iPad Air.
  • Check the settings of your iPad Air. Slide your fingers from bottom to top which will open quick settings. Check if mute is enabled from there. If you see that mute is enabled simply disable it which will fix the sound problem on your iPhone.

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  • Try restarting your iPad Air if the above two fixes are not working for you. You can reboot your iPad Air by pressing and holding the Power and home button together for around 20 seconds. If the issue is because of recent software update or temporary glitch then it should get resolved once you reboot your iPad Air.
  • Resetting your iPad will bring all the factory settings on your iPad Air and if the issue has risen because of recent app installation it will be fixed. You need to make sure that you have created backup of your iPad Air before you are going to factory reset it as all your data will get deleted. You can go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all Settings to bring your iPad Air in factory reset stage.
  • Dust getting stuck in the earphones or charging dock can also be the reason that you are not getting any sound from your iPad Air. The dust sticks on the pins which lead to malfunctioning of the music dock. You can remove all the dust from your iPad Air by using an old toothbrush. Make sure the toothbrush you are going to use is having soft bristles left with it. You can also try using some alcohol, methylated spirits which will help you in getting extra dirt out of the connecters. These products will not harm the pins of your iPad Air and will only help in cleaning all the dirt off as they evaporate easily.
  • Put your headphones in the headphone jack and take them out and put them back in for a couple of times. If there is some dirt or obstacle in the jack it will get cleared and you will get the sound back on your iPad Air.

These are the tips which you can follow if you are getting no sound on your iPad Air. If the sound in your iPad Air got fixed after using any other tip please share it with us.


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