The 5th generation iPad, called as iPad Air, has finally got announced. This is the first tablet by Apple that has something more than just ‘iPad’ in its name. Apple did not announce the iPad Air only, but also the Smart case and Smart Cover meant for it, too. If you have made your mind to lighten your pocket for iPad Air, then I would recommend you to know about Smart Case and Smart Cover briefly, as using any of them will enhance your experience with the newest tablet.  The new Smart Cover and Smart Case can be used with Retina iPad mini as well.

Smart Cover

iPad Air smart cover red

Since the iPad Air has thinner and lighter form, therefore, the Smart Cover has been redesigned so as to make it fit to the tablet. It is made of polyurethane and is meant to provide high-end protection to your iPad Air or Retina iPad mini. In terms of design, there is nothing difference between this smart cover and those available for previous iPads. The only thing is that this Smart Cover has been redesigned for iPad Air and Retina iPad mini specially. It will be available in various color options like black, pink, blue, yellow, green. Apart from these, there will be special Product Red edition available as well. The portion of money coming from the sales of special product edition will be donated towards HIV/AIDS research. This Smart Cover will cost $39, and will be available for iPad Air starting from the November 1st. You will able to get one for you from Apple’s online store. The Smart Cover for Retina iPad mini will go on sale once the device gets released.

Smart Case

iPad Air smart case yellow

Smart case is made from leather and has been redesigned to fit into the iPad Air and Retina iPad mini. In order to get this one for your Retina iPad mini, you will have to spend $69. For the iPad Air, the price of Smart Case is $79. Just like the Smart Cover, the Smart Case will be available in  pink, yellow, blue, green, black colors, also as a special Product Red edition. The Smart Case has microfiber lined inside. If we take the words of Apple anything to go with, then this special interior will keep your device’s screen and device itself completely clean.  So, clean inside, protection outside- perfect combination, isn’t it? Apart from this, the automatic wake/sleep function  and triangular stand or grip fold options are also part of this redesigned Smart Case, Apple online Store will be selling the Smart Case for the iPad Air from November 1st. The Retina iPad mini Smart Case will be available once the device is available.

Both the Smart Cover and Smart Case are just incredible. What is their impression on you? Would you like to spend money to buy any of them? Drop your opinions in the below comment box.


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