Apple iPad Air is the most wanted tablet that was launched in the year 2013. Apple is the most loved company for many people all around the world. It has made this 10 inch tablet that has got all the exciting features which any tablet users would want for in their device. This new iPad Air has been upgraded with the new operating system that has been named as iOS 7. People from the Philippines got the new iPad Air on the same date of its launch in both UK and US. Many online retail stores have made this possible and this had made many people from Philippines to use the new iPad Air from the date of its official launch by Apple.

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ipad air price in philippines

Price and features

Like other Apple tablets, iPad Air is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. The tablets even have Wi-Fi and cellular facilities and it is available in a different category. Tablets without cellular facilities can also be bought by users all over the world. The only difference between these two types of tablets is that one can use 4G features by inserting a SIM card in the tablet and in the other type of tablets, it is not available.

The price of the new iPad Air in Philippines is quite normal to the rate that is being sold in other countries. The 16GB iPad Air costs around Php 22,880 while the 32 GB tablet is priced as Php 27,800. This price rate is quite low when compared to other countries. In countries like India, there is a huge difference in price rate between the 16 and 32GB tablets. There is only a slight difference in the Philippines. The 64GB tablet costs Php 32,000 and the biggest tablet in terms of storage capacity of 128GB has been rated as Php 35,800.

The tablets with cellular facility is priced as Php 29,345 for 16GB and Php 46,500 for 128GB. There are many online stores that have the same price rate in the Philippines. The online stores do have the new iPad Air in all storage capacity and one can get their tablet in a few days from booking it via online.

The 16GB tablet is said to be moving in a good condition and many people have gone crazy after getting it in their hands. The 16GB iPad Air is quite enough for any normal tablet user. It has got all the features and the only difference between the 16GB and the 64GB tablet is the storage capacity. If you are a heavy user of a tablet, then you should be having the new iPad Air with a 64GB storage capacity. If you are a normal tablet user, 16GB is quite enough in your day to day life. The screen resolution and the design are some of the notable changes that have been made in iPad Air. The screen look brilliant with many colors and the new iOS7 makes the device look beautiful in such a small price rate.

So, these are the latest prices of iPad Air’s different variants in Philippines. We’ll update this post regularly to provide you with latest prices. Do you think iPad Air is affordable or has Apple made it very expensive? Speak out in the comments.


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