iPad Air is the new product that has been released by the worldwide famous company Apple. It is a 10 inch sized tablet that has got all the perfect features that are very much needed for every individual who needs a tablet in their day to day life. Although it’s perfect in terms of design and quality, there are some notable bugs that can be found in Apple’s product too. These bugs can be solved easily and that the biggest advantage in using an Apple product. The new operating system named as iOS 7 is the best, yet, there are few problems with it. The following are some of the common problems faced by any iPad Air user. If you are one among them, then find the solution to it and be proud to own an Apple product.

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Screen malfunctions

Some of the iPad Air owners have reported that there are some problems with their tablet. The reports say that there are some issues with the display of the new iPad Air. The screen is said to be dark in both horizontally and vertically which makes the display look poor at times. The left edge side of the display faces this type of problem mostly and such issues arise only when the iPad Air is said to hold in a portrait view. There have also been problems reported about the difference in terms of color that occurs in two halves of the screen. The left side of the tablet can be noted in yellow color. If you are facing such problems in your iPad Air, then immediately take it to your nearby Apple store and replace it with a new tablet.

Safari crashes

Safari is the default browser in iPad Air. There are some bugs in it and many users have reported that Safari gets crashed at times for no reason. This problem occurs whenever a new tab is said to opened by the user. The additional and multiple tabs operation is said to be slow which results in crashing the browser completely. Some users have even reported that their Safari browser used to crash when they click the icon to open it. This problem can be solved easily, as the images that were downloaded while using the internet through Safari browser gets settled on the phone memory in the form of cookies. Such cookies should be deleted to get rid of crashing problem in Safari browser. Go to Settings in your home screen and then get inside the Safari browser. Tap the Clear History buttons and clear the cookies and data. Reboot your iPad Air by pressing the Sleep button and slide the toolbar to switch off your device. This is one way to get rid of the crashing problem. If the problem still exists in your device, go to Settings from the home screen and then click on iCloud icon. Go inside Storage & Back Up. Now move on to Settings from home screen and then select General and then Reset your device. It can erase the contents, yet, your data has been already stored in the form of back up. Restart the device and start using your Safari browser without any bugs in it.

Apart from this, users have also reported many other problems in their iPad Air. Some users have faced issues with Wi-Fi connectivity with slow or dropped connection. Another major problem reported by users is the battery life but it can be easily solved by following some quick tips to improve battery life of iPad Air.

Are you facing any problem with your iPad Air? Post it in the comments below and we’ll try to provide a solution to it.


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