The newly launched Apple iPad Air is really thin and light when compared to other tablets in the market. It has got a 10 inch screen and a retina display which makes it stand apart from any other tablet. The battery size in this tablet has been reduced and it is said to give about 10 hours of standby time when it is being used constantly in a day. The 10 hours of battery life can include about 70% of the screen brightness for an hour and the remaining 9 hours have mixed usage like gaming, video streaming, Skype calling, browsing and much more. Wi-Fi usage in this tablet can stand up to 10 hours in a day.

iPad air battery life

You can watch your iPad Air lose 2% of battery life while loading a 30 minute movie that needs to be streamed using Wi-Fi. If the same has been done using 4G, then 6% of your battery life might have been consumed by your iPad Air. This type of percentage loss is actually cool when compared to other tablets in the market. You can easily watch more than two movies by using your Wi-Fi connection. The battery gets charged from 0 to 15% in a 30 minutes of charging the tablet. This 15% of the battery life can make your iPad Air stand by for about two hours of time. If you are in a hurry to visit any place, then you can charge your iPad Air for less than 15 minutes of time and use it for only two hours after charging it slightly. Many business people make use of such tricks to make their iPad Air stand by all the day.

The A7 custom processor in iPad Air makes the battery life get extended for more than 10 hours. If you are a moderate user, then you can access your iPad Air even after 10 hours of time. Moderate usage means the internet, Skype, video streaming are done only for a few minutes of time. If you are a normal user, who uses his iPad Air for all your activities in your day to day life, then you will surely get only 10 hours of battery back up. If you are a frequent user of iPad Air, watch out your battery can withstand below ten hours of time. As internet is the key basic for every functionality in our day to day life, the Wi-Fi or 4G connection is kept on by many users of iPad Air. This is where the battery makes a poor performance and the tablet can go out of charge within 7 hours of time. Although you can charge you iPad Air on the go, it’s really difficult to handle it when you are in need of it. Many people have reported about the battery problems in their iPad Air. These problems can be easily sorted by and there are some tricks to maintain the battery of your iPad Air last all day long. Follow them to maintain a good battery life for your iPad Air.

Do you own an iPad Air? How much battery life you are getting with it? Share your experience in the comments below.


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