Apple launched iPad Air 2 last year, which is the second tablet in iPad Air series. There are a lot of rumors on the internet about the release of Apple iPad Air 3. iPad Air 3 Is going to be the third generation iPad Air. The predecessor of iPad Air 3, iPad Air 2 was launched with iPad Mini 3 in October last year. The device was only 6.1-mm which made it one of the best tablets ever launched by Apple.

ipad air 3 rumors

There are rumors that iPad Air 3 will be launched along with iOS 9, the next operating system of Apple devices. It is believed that the new iOS operating system will be launched in the second half of this year. You might expect to get some official news about the launch of iOS 9 from July. With new generation iPad, there are definitely going to be a lot of new things. Few new things which we strongly believe are going to be available in the next generation iPad Air are shared below.

iPad Air 3 expected features

Upgraded Processor

The current generation of iPad Air comes with A8X processor. iPad Air 3 is expected to come with A9 or a A9X chip which will help in delivering better performance on the device. The A8X processor chip in the Apple iPad Air 2 provides 40% better performance as compared to the earlier model of the device.

Resolution Boost

It is expected that Apple iPad Air 3 will come with resolution boost which will result in better display and graphics on the device. Apple iPhone 6 Plus comes with 441 ppi density and iPad Air 3 can also offer the 441 ppi density which is good for viewing and better graphics but might lead to less battery life.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging is a great feature which is available in many smartphones. It is rumored that Apple iPad Air 3 will also come with wireless charging option which will help in easy charging of the tablet. Apple users can definitely take a lot of advantage of wireless charging option if it comes with iPad Air 3.

Better Camera

With new generation devices, Apple always adds a better camera in the device. But the predecessor of iPad Air 3 received upgrade from 5 Mega pixel camera to an 8 Mega pixel rear shooter. We don’t expect major change in the camera of the device however there might be change in the technology present in the camera and let’s hope Apple also introduces slo-mo video feature.

Other specifications

Some other specifications which are expected to be part of the Apple iPad Air 3 are, a 7-inch display screen with 4K resolution, advanced Touch ID, 3 GB of Ram, better durability by adding waterproofing and dust proof ability and 128 GB of on-board memory which would be just great.

It is expected that Apple iPad Air 3 will be launched in the second half of 2015 and will cost the same as the iPad Air 2 when it was launched.