Update: Apple has launched iPad Air 2. This article was written for 1st generation iPad Air but the ways to take screenshot listed here works for the iPad Air 2 too. So, you can follow the steps mentioned here to capture screen of iPad Air 2 as well.


The Apple’s magic is once again there. This tech giant has announced the iPad Air that will be available from November 1st. The iPad Air has got impressive features, and I’m quite sure that by this time, you all are aware from it. Oh! So you have decided to buy this incredible device to be unique in your friend circle? Well, buying is not enough, anyone can do that. You should do bit extra to get attention of others. You should learn tutorials about the iPad Air to master this newest tablet, you can start by reading this tutorial about how to take screenshot on iPad Air. Of course, this tutorial will teach you about how you can take screenshot on iPad Air.

There could be many chances when you might feel the need to take screenshot. For example, to share your high scores’ proof of any game with your friends, to take screenshot of any favorite article of yours to share with friends, etc. Taking screenshot on iPad Air is quite simple, and follows the same process, as of previous iPad. Just read out the steps given below to take screenshot on your esteemed iPad Air.

How to take screenshot on iPad Air & iPad Air 2

  • Of course, the very first step is to be on the page whose screenshot you want to take. For example, if you want to take screenshot of any game play, just make sure that intended game play is currently on the screen.
  • Once you are on the intended screen, all you need to do is to press and hold the sleep/wake and Home buttons at the same time. Well, I hope you know where they exist, but just to spoon feed, allow me to tell you that the sleep/wake button lies at the top right side of the iPad Air and Home button lies at the bottom.
  • Keep the both buttons pressed for just a second or two. Now release these buttons. Don’t worry! It’s not essential to release both buttons at the same time. Lag between releasing two buttons won’t create any problem as well. But it’s good if you release at the same time.
  • After releasing the buttons, you will see white screen on your iPad Air, and will hear the shutter sound. Yeah, that usual photo clicking sound. But if unfortunately, this does not happen, then it means the screenshot has not been taken. There must be something you did not perform well. Redo the process.
  • After you get the white screen and shutter sound, you are all done with taking screenshot. It’s time to confirm if the screenshot has been captured perfectly or not. Just head over to the camera roll. At its bottom lies your just-captured screenshot. Just open and see if it has been captured perfectly.

How to take a screenshot on ipad air

That’s it. This is how you can take screenshot on your iPad Air. Take screenshot of whatever there is on screen. Hit the below comment section if any further help is required.



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