Update: This process works for the new iPad Air 2 also, so you can hard reset your iPad Air 2 to factory settings by following these simple steps.


iPad Air has the best A7 chip and M7 coprocessor that can make the tablet run without any interruption. It comes with the best 9.7 inch retina display that makes every single word look crystal clear on the screen. The battery backup is stunning and the tablet can run for long hours. If your iPad Air gets freeze for no reason, then a hard reset is needed to solve the problem. Sometimes the user interface can take extra time for loading; this is because some of the bugs that might have been entered inside the iPad Air. Although iPad Air has the best configurations, usage of heavy internet and websites with bugs can make it run slow. At such times, the tablet can get stuck like crazy. The problem can be solved easily by hard resetting it. Hard reset can delete all the third party applications that have been stored on the device. For whatever reason you are resetting your iPad Air, take a backup of your personal data before trying to hard resetit. The following are some of the easy ways to hard reset your iPadAir without bringing down any problem to your tablet in the near future.

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There are various steps to follow before hard resetting your iPad Air

Turn off your iPad Air and put it on charge. It should be fully charged before starting the next step. Make sure to unplug the tablet from the charger. If you are not sure if the tablet has been completely charged, wait for 40 minutes to maintain a minimum charge on the device.

Power on the tablet and then go to “Settings” from the home screen. Tap the “General” tab. Scroll down and tap on “Reset”. Now tap on “Erase All Content and Settings”. Make sure to read the warning message and then click on “Erase” button. Now a second warning message pops up and again press “Erase” button to confirm resetting the tablet. If it prompts you to provide your Apple ID and password, make sure to enter it correctly and then proceed further. It takes a few minutes to hard reset the tablet. Once the tablet gets reset, it automatically gets restarted. Now you are ready to use you iPad Air without any bugs and problems.

Another way to reset iPad Air

There is another way to hard reset your iPad Air. It’s an easy way and it can be done only if your sleep button works fine on the device. Make sure to charge your tablet before hard resetting, as it can consume more battery. Once you have charged your tablet, turn it on and then press the home button and the sleep button together. Both the buttons must be pressed at the same time. Make sure you hold it together for more than 10 seconds. Keep pressing both the buttons until you can see the Apple logo appear on the screen. Apple logo appearing on the screen is the sign of resetting the iPad Air. After 10 minutes the tablet gets rebooted and it’s now fresh to use.

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So, these are the ways to reset an iPad Air. Still having problems or confused about any step? Post in the comments and we’ll be to the rescue. Share the post on social media if you found it useful. Stay connected!


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