Apple’s iProducts have the legacy of underperforming on the battery fronts. However, the iPads have done better than the iPhones. And, the current example in front of us is the iPad Air, which does perform for 10 hours expected. Now, I know that the hours are just numbers and can vary person to person and the pattern of the use of iPad Air.

However, the new generation of iPads have the best results while we talk about the battery, but still, if some of you are having issues with the charging or battery life, here below are some methods to come over that.

iPad Air charging problem

iPad Air charging issues

Check the iOS Issues

Sometimes a bug or virus may cause you the battery drainage while using the iPad Air. Now, to counter such issues, you need to check the updates regularly and even restart your phone, if needed to get the proper usage.

Complete the Power Circle

If you’re facing issues with battery charging, try completing the power circle to get the best outcome. All you need to do is use your iPad Air, until it gets shutdown by itself and then charging it to the highest possible level. It’ll re-active the battery indicator and ions to perform better.

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Try to Stay in Signal

You must be amazed to know that when you’re out of signal, your battery uses all its power to stay in the signal. Now, if your iPad Air is out of signal, then come into signal to get better battery life.

Use Minimal Apps in Background

Well, it’s the basic rule to get better battery life as the background process can sometime affect the charging, so it’s advised to turn off the useless process likes background apps, content refresh, location services, push notifications, center notification widgets, spotlight indexing, iPod EQ, keyboard click and every other thing without which you can survive.

Restore iPad

If nothing of the above works, try to restore or reset your iPad Air completely. This hard reset process of your iPad Air will remove all the data from the tab so just take a backup of all your data before you start the hard reset.

In Last Contact Apple

However, sometimes you don’t get the results even after performing the each and every task described above, then you need to contact the manufacturer, that is Apple to counter the issues you’re facing with your iPad Air.


iPad charging issues are not new, it’s just that the iPad Air is the latest victim of this. Though, the efficiency has been improved with every new iPad and this clearly means that the iPad Air is almost the peak of Apple’s battery life.

Although, the irregular usages, exploitation of the tab and carelessness while charging could cause the problem, but just taking care of a few small things can just get you the best result. Also, if you don’t get improved results after taking all the precautions, just contact Apple as said in the last step.


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