Apple is a pioneer in the market when it comes to the tablet or big sized phones. The marvelous design, unique style and awesome features are the regular part of its big sized devices.

Recently, the mobile giant launched the iPad Air which is as smart as Einstein whiles it comes to work and stylish unlike any gadget available on planet earth.

The accessories also are looking like fetched from a science fiction movie, which makes this not so ordinary tablet more handy while using and safe as well. Well, here below are some cool iPad Air covers and cases which you might like to use if you want to keep this expensive gadget out of getting misshapen.

Apple Smart Case

iPad Air smart cover by Apple

This smart case has been designed for the Apple iPad Air specially. This is not like other ordinary cases as I mentioned it is a smart case which has an auto-wakeup cover while there is some notification buzz. Along with the cover it has a microfiber lining too to keep the display neat and clean.

As it’s an Apple product so the pricing is more than others; it costs around 39 US $ for polyurethane cover and 79 US $ for the leather one.

Belkin Free Style Cover

belkin FreeStyle Cover for ipad air

This ‘magnetic’ cover not only helps the iPad protecting but, also supports the tablet’s view switching from landscape to portrait.

The magnet is with back cover which does the switching part and the other part is a slim yet strong fabric which acts as a stand for the tablet. The price for this magnetic cover is around 60 US $, not much, I guess!

Belkin LapStand Cover

belkin lapstand ipad air cover

Sometimes it’s very tricky and dangerous to keep such big tablet on your phone and doing the work like mails or typing. To enhance this fact, Belkin’s LapStand cover is a total solution.

It has a flexible notch to rest the tablet safely on the lap and doing all the work. The price for this cover is around 50 US $ but, a 10 US $ version of this also available with microfiber if it’s costly for your pocket.

Dodo Metallic Cases

Dodo Metallic Cases for ipad air

If you would like give you iPad a bookish touch with the protection, then this Dodo Metallic case could be the end of your searching. The various uniquely styled cases just like your iPad are available to get the work done.

The price for these metallic cases starts from nearly 65 US $.

Kensington KeyFolio Case

Kensington KeyFolio Case for ipad air

The need of keyboard compatible with the size of you iPad Air would get fulfill using this keyboard case. This Kensington case comes with a flexible cover and a keyboard if you’re not very comfortable using the touch pad for a long time.

This is available in 7 different colors and the price starts from around 150 US $, a bit expensive though!

So iDevice users, I hope you won’t compromise your extremely priced iPad Air’s safety just for a few bucks and will use one of the above covers/cases to protect your tablet. If you are using an iPad air case from above list or any other one, do leave your review in the comments below.

Have any questions? Feel free to ask us.


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