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5 Best Screen Protectors for iPad Air

The iPhone and iPad screen cracking cases are more than the sales of Apple’s iProduct. The latest which have been added to the list is the iPad Air which people are breaking more than they’re buying. Though, you can protect them using some precautions, but what about

Cool iPad Air Covers and Cases

Apple is a pioneer in the market when it comes to the tablet or big sized phones. The marvelous design, unique style and awesome features are the regular part of its big sized devices. Recently, the mobile giant launched the iPad Air which is as smart as

Best iPad Air Covers

Best iPad Air Covers are the ultimate requirement of people who do not want even a single scratch on their precious tablet. Since these devices are very sensitive against moisture therefore it becomes essential to have some means of protection for iPad Air that can also work

iPad Air Smart cover and Smart case

The 5th generation iPad, called as iPad Air, has finally got announced. This is the first tablet by Apple that has something more than just ‘iPad’ in its name. Apple did not announce the iPad Air only, but also the Smart case and Smart Cover meant for