The iPhone and iPad screen cracking cases are more than the sales of Apple’s iProduct. The latest which have been added to the list is the iPad Air which people are breaking more than they’re buying. Though, you can protect them using some precautions, but what about the scratches it get with the rough use and which you can’t even avoid. So, if you guys are looking for some iPad Air screen protectors, then have a look below.

best ipad air screen protectors

Best of the best

Splash Masque

The best use of the iPads which I’ve witnessed till now is the because of the business or work purpose. Now, this Splash Masque screen protector has the best anti-glare properties to let you work with the heavy lights and the people’s response is also good enough to buy this one. This product comes in pack of 3, so there won’t be any chance you’ll damage your screen as you’ve got the immediate replacement there.


NuShield DayVue

If you’re looking for a screen protector which is almost invisible, then this weird sounding NuShield DayVue is the perfect match for you. Though, it covers the camera in the later versions of the iPads, but doesn’t affect the camera quality at all. The apply procedure of the cover is best and the air bubbles aren’t an issue at all with it.


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MediaDevil Screen Protectors

The MediaDevil offers different types of the screen protectors viz, attached to the edge or the corners of the iPad and do not the let the air. Another guard is here, which sticks to the complete screen like the regular ones and known as MagicScreen. However, the current generation of both, people and iPad prefers the traditional protector which is the MagicScreen of course.


Spigen SGP Steinheil Ultra Crystal Screen Protectors

This Spigen is the best product available in the market if we talk about the screen protector. This product also has a different method of application on the scree. It uses a special spray which getS used while pasting it on the screen. The spray is applied on the back of the guard. The screen is very clear and don’t tend to develop the bubbles. So I guess you can go for it.


GreatShield EZSeal Plus Screen Protector

This is the screen protector which goes to the edges and might not suit the next-gen retina display iPad, but still is a good option to choose. It’s available in the black and white version for the change and can be removed as many as times you want. And, don’t worry, you won’t be facing any issues with the doing and undoing of the object.


Well, I guess now you’ve got enough options to choose from the above to select a proper screen protector for your iPad Air. However, there are many other options, which can be explored as per your need and requirements. Also, we would love get your suggestions, if any, for our readers and if you’ve got any question, then also you can comment below and we’ll try our best to help you out.