Best iPad Air Covers are the ultimate requirement of people who do not want even a single scratch on their precious tablet. Since these devices are very sensitive against moisture therefore it becomes essential to have some means of protection for iPad Air that can also work against wet environment. Recent launch of iPad Air has brought a new revolution in the covers market and in result a great variety has been launched for protection of this precious object. Let’s have a glimpse of some available iPad covers in the market.

best ipad air covers

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  • Belkin storage can be termed as a perfect one for your iPad Air as containing the feature of expandable pocket for storage of accessories. The cost of this hard external shell product is also very low as one needs to spend only £29.99 for having this case.
  • Proporta Leather along with aluminium lining makes this cover choice of ultra fashionable people. This case is having its identification as heaviest cover and the amount which one is required to spend is £69.95.
  • Paradox Lux iPad Air cover provides you an opportunity to select your viewing position as this cover is having design that is origami-inspired. This cover is available in red and black colour. The cost of Paradox Lux is £49.95.
  • Targus Versavu is a perfect option for those who prefer to use their device in different unusual angles. One can also have various seasonal shades especially inspired by winter and autumn catwalk trends. Just pay £44.99 and enjoy the unique features of this iPad Air cover.
  • Kensington KeyFolio belongs to very soft category covers that provide a great comfort to user while carrying it. Another feature which makes it more demanding is its being spill-proof. The cost of Kingston KeyFolio is £79.99.
  • Mujjo Sleeve is another popular choice for iPad Air covers by business class people as contains an area in the form of pocket for keeping personal letters, business documents etc. This area provides you an opportunity to carry your additional essentials along with tablet. One can enjoy the features of this unique cover by spending either €49.95 or £42.
  • A popular name in the category of sleekest case as having weight of 425g with thickness of 20.1mm.QWERTY layout makes it convenient for one to use it. Since this cover is having very vital features therefore the cost is also more as one can purchase it by paying £89.99.
  • When one is having requirement of environmental protection for his tablet then Survivor can be perfect cover for him. In fact, this cover has passed test of durability for standards of US military. The cost of Survivor cover is either $79.99 or £50.

Now, protect your precious tablet by using best available options of iPad Air covers according to the requirement of your work and budget of your pocket as opportunity of a great selection is present there for customers. So, change your old cover and follow the new style with best iPad Air covers.


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