iPad Air is definitely a big boom in the tablet industry. Apple always stands separately in the market as each and every device created by them is more unique and user friendly. The iPad Air comes with the lightest in weight and thinnest in size when compared to other tablets that are available on the market. The 9.7 inch retina display can attract any one in this world. The text in this iPad Air looks sharper than the previous iPad and the pixels are really indiscernible. Kids these days make use of iPad for various reasons in their day to day life. They play, sing and some even get educated while using an iPad Air.

best ipad air apps for kids

The official iTunes app store has numerous applications that are created mainly for the kids. There are different types of games, applications and much more for the kids. Parents can turn their crying and lazy kid into a brilliant kid by using some of the applications. The kid gets amused and they can lead their life in an adventurous way. Every kid in this world can easily get attracted to an iPad as it has all the best features that are made to pull people towards it. The following are some of the most wanted and most downloaded applications that come under the category for kids. Start downloading and keep entertaining your little ones every day.

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Best iPad Air Apps For Kids

The Monster at the End of This Book

This is a digital version of the Sesame book. The words can appear the best on the retina display. The words get highlighted when the kid keeps reading it onscreen. This can develop their speaking skills and much more. The kid can play with the images on screen and watch them turn beautiful with their touch on it.

Where’s My Water?

This is a simple game that can make any kid to play it more than one time. Water gets supplied each level and an alligator can be found waiting on the other half of the screen, waiting to take a shower from the water. The rocks that are in between the alligator and the water should be removed in order to make it have a happy shower. Kid must use their brains to remove the rocks in an order.

Wombi Treasures

As the name implies, this is a treasure game made exclusively for kids. Kids need to hunt inside the treasure and find the hidden objects.

Kumo Lumo

Kumo Lumo is a free game that has bagged the best game in the year of 2013. Lumo can be played as a smiling storm in the form of a cloud and it rumbles with a thundering voice. The job prescribed for Lumo is to circle around the planet and to rain exactly on the things that can make it grow.


Pangolin is a very neat and clever puzzle game that can make your kid turn into a brilliant by solving each and every puzzle by following the clues on screen.

These are just few of all the amazing iPad Air apps for kids available out there. We’ll keep adding some more awesome apps to this list. In the mean while, share your own list of best kids apps for iPad Air in the comments below.