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iPad Air sound not working, how to fix it?

Sometimes you are not able to get sound on your iPad Air. This is a common problem which people face who are using Apple iPad, iPhone. It is not a big issue if you are also experiencing the same problem but it can be frustrating at times.

Tips to type faster on iPad Air

A lot of people use iPad Air for their daily work such as blogging, writing articles, texting and more. iPad Air is a great gadget which you can use if you are a regular writer. To get the best writing experience and the most out of your

How to recover deleted data from iPad Air

There are times when you lose data from your device by mistake or due to some malfunctioning. As now a days, gadgets come with big storage space we people like to save our data on them including movies, photos and messages etc. We have received many requests

iPad Air 2 price in USA, Canada, UK & Australia

Apple introduced light weight iPads with the introduction of iPad Air. The iPads under iPad Air category are light weight and come with powerful hardware. Apple recently hosted an event where a couple of products were launched by Apple which included iPad Air 2, the second generation

Pros and Cons of iPad Air 2

Apple has launched the brand new iPad Air 2, the second iPad Air. iPad Air 2 is 18% thinner, 6.1 mm thin and only weighs 0.96 pounds. A lot of new features are added in iPad Air 2 and improvements have been done which increase the performance

5 Best Screen Protectors for iPad Air

The iPhone and iPad screen cracking cases are more than the sales of Apple’s iProduct. The latest which have been added to the list is the iPad Air which people are breaking more than they’re buying. Though, you can protect them using some precautions, but what about

How to fix iPad Air charging problems

Apple’s iProducts have the legacy of underperforming on the battery fronts. However, the iPads have done better than the iPhones. And, the current example in front of us is the iPad Air, which does perform for 10 hours expected. Now, I know that the hours are just

Cool iPad Air Covers and Cases

Apple is a pioneer in the market when it comes to the tablet or big sized phones. The marvelous design, unique style and awesome features are the regular part of its big sized devices. Recently, the mobile giant launched the iPad Air which is as smart as

iPad Air Common Problems Faced By Users

iPad Air is the new product that has been released by the worldwide famous company Apple. It is a 10 inch sized tablet that has got all the perfect features that are very much needed for every individual who needs a tablet in their day to day

iPad Air price in Philippines

Apple iPad Air is the most wanted tablet that was launched in the year 2013. Apple is the most loved company for many people all around the world. It has made this 10 inch tablet that has got all the exciting features which any tablet users would